Alton Memorial Jr. High School

MCISD Vision Statement..."I will graduate from high school equipped to excel in the college and career of my choice, dominate 21st century skills in leadership, knowledge, language, and technology to compete in a global economy and serve as a successful citizen in my community."


Academic Departments

Electives 0 Classes 5 Staff
English Language Arts 0 Classes 1 Staff
Math 0 Classes 2 Staff
Science 0 Classes 1 Staff
Social Studies 0 Classes 2 Staff

Educational Support

Counseling 1 Staff
Library 2 Staff

Athletic Teams

Basketball 3 Staff
Football 3 Staff
Soccer 3 Staff
Tennis 3 Staff
Volleyball 3 Staff

Clubs and Activities

Band 2 Staff
Cheerleading 1 Staff
Choir 1 Staff
News Team 1 Staff
UIL 1 Staff
Yearbook 1 Staff