Robo-Rangers @ HESTEC

 At the end of the day and after all the scores had been tabulated our Alton Memorial  Jr. High Green ROBO-RANGERS had overall scored the highest from the 4 events to be crowned:


 2016 University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley  HESTEC - Robotic Day Grand Champions 


Our ROBO-RANGERS finished in 1st Place in one of the four events.  In each of these events, only 1st Place was recognized out of the entire 62 teams competing from the entire Rio Grande Valley.  The teams that competed at Robotics Day consisted of High School and Middle School teams from the entire Rio Grande Valley. There were 42 high school teams and 20 middle school teams in total competing. Many of the schools that competed were Early College High Schools, College Prep schools,  and academies that focus on STEM.


Our Alton Memorial Green ROBO-RANGERS brought a 1st Place trophy in the LEGO Pull Challenge. The obstacle for the LEGO Quadraton was for all teams had to construct an effective robot that could run all four courses without adding or removing spare parts. The weight could not be modified on the robot and had to meet the criteria of a 1 cubic-foot size restriction and  could not exceed a 4 lb. maximum weight limit. Alton Memorial’s robot finished 1st in the Lego Pull Challenge by dragging a 1 lb. weight over a 10 foot distance the fastest. In addition to the four trophies given for the individual events, trophies were awarded for overall performances for the event. 


This is the first time in Alton Memorial Jr. High and Mission CISD history that a team is crowned "Grand Champions" of the entire competition. Other AMJH teams and other Mission CISD schools have had Overall-Top Performances, but this is the first time ever we bring back and come home victorious with the coveted title of UTRGV HESTEC Robotics Day - Grand Champions. 


The robotics program at Mission CISD has evolved from the ROBO-RANGERS competing at HESTEC in 2013 when two Mission CISD Migrant teams participated. Now Mission CISD has a strong presence at all the UTRGV - HESTEC events by having all of their secondary campuses (Middle and High Schools) compete every year. 


Our students work extremely hard and their results are proof that anything is possible and we are "Unlocking Dreams" everyday that we prepare our students to face life. With or without a competition, our students and all our teams are prepared for any challenges that they may face in life. Once again, we have started our Robotics Season on the right track and will continue to work towards achieving all of our goals. We are very thankful for all the individuals that provide us the support that is needed to provide our students these opportunities. Without everyone's contribution we would not have the foundation to guide our students to become successful. Thank you to Ms. Garcia, AMJH Principal, for always being an advocate for our team, our program, and all of our students. Thank you to Dr. Lopez, Dr. Roberts,  Mrs. Ramirez, and Mr. Verley for the support from Administration and always promoting our student success.  




Unlocking Dreams ....  Leading the Way .... Leave Your Legacy ... Morphin' Time