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Homework Extra Credit: March 9

WWI was the first modern and mechanized war.  Use this link to answer these questions.  Bring your answers and attach or rewrite them on to your homework.
  1. What was one new weapon used for the first time?
  2. Who was the "Red Baron?"
  3. Most of WWI was fought along the Western Front; what was the Western Front?
  4. During WWI, how many soldiers died per day?
  5. What caused 60% of U.S. Army deaths?
No need for a parent signature because your homework is due at the end of Advisory on Monday.

Here is an opportunity to learn more about the Civil War.  Plus it is free.  So, if you don't have tutoring, go to this public event.  If you go to this event, bring me back something as proof and I will give you a No Homework Pass for the month of March.

Homework Extra Credit: March 2

  1. Friday is March 6, why is this day important to Texas History?
  2. Water is essential for life and agriculture; California used aqueducts.  What did Texans use to get water for agriculture?

Homework Extra Credit: Feb. 10

  1. What do historians say tamed the Wild West?
  2. Why was it impossible to build fences in West Texas?
  3. What year was the first patent for barbed wire?
  4. What is the difference between the Burnell and Glidden types of barbed wire?
  5. When was the "Buckthorn" introduced?

Homework Extra Credit: Feb. 3

Answer these questions on your homework for extra credit:
  1. How many Hispanics fought during the Civil War?
  2. Look at the map, most Civl War battles in Texas were fought in which of the 4 Regions?
  3. John B. Magruder was the victorious Confederate general at the Battle of Galveston.  What does the "B" stand for in his name?
  4. Who is Santos Benavides?
  5. What is one job women took over from men during the Civil War? (Hint: There are 10 different answers)
Need help answering these questions?  Click the Links tab and find Texas in the Civil War. ===>

Congratulations 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 8th Periods.  Remember to bring your permission slip tomorrow.

Homework Extra Credit: Jan. 27

Answer these questions on your homework for extra credit.  Don't forget to use pen and get a parent signature.
  1. Who was chosen to command the 54th Massachusetts?
  2. Other than Massachusetts, which states did volunteers for the 54th come from?
  3. Sons of which famous abolitionist enlisted in the 54th?

Civil War Test

Your test has matching, true/false, and multiple choice.
Matching:  Know the following...
  1. states' rights
  2. regiment
  3. secede
  4. Emancipation Proclamation
  5. Pickett's Charge
  6. Appomattox Courthouse
  7. Vicksburg

Quiz 13 Bonus Points

What do you know about Uncle Tom's Cabin?  Write your answer(s) on the back of the quiz for bonus points.